self defense

Muggers prowl the streets of many cities and towns looking to prey on the unaware or unprepared. Avoid being an easy target by following these guidelines.

Always Be Alert!

1)Dress to discourage unwanted attention from muggers. Some things that might make you a more likely target are:

* Dressing like a tourist. If you’re obviously not a local, you’re more likely to be targeted, as tourists tend to be less aware and carry cash on them.
* Wearing obvious, flashy jewelery or watches.
* Carrying a large purse, briefcase or backpack. Anything that might contain valuables makes you a potentially more lucrative target.

2)Stick to well-lighted and well populated areas. Muggers are far less likely to target people where there are others around or they are likely to be seen.

3)Know where you are going. Muggers often prey on tourists or people who are lost. If you are in an unfamiliar place, learn the route you wish to take.

4)Avoid dangerous parts of town. If possible, try not to walk through dangerous parts of town, especially at times of day when there are few others out. Bad neighborhoods with little foot traffic are especially risky. If you aren’t sure, talk to locals to learn what places aren’t safe.

5)Walk with a sense of purpose. If you are wandering aimlessly or look lost you are more likely to become a target.

6)Travel in groups. Muggers are much more likely to go after individuals than groups.

7)Stay alert for possible dangers. You can minimize the likelihood of being surprised by doing the following:

* Pay attention to your surroundings and avoid distractions. You become an easier target when do things like listen to music on headphones, talk on the phone, read a map or anything else that takes your attention away from your surroundings.
* Walk near the curb, facing traffic. This gives you a better angle to see in doorways or alleys and a better path to escape if attacked.

8)Take action if you sense danger or are attacked.

* If you believe you are being followed, head directly toward a populated area, cafe, bar or other populated place.
* Make noise or call for help. Don’t be afraid to draw attention to yourself.
* Consider defending yourself if you have the skills or a weapon. Pepper spray can be a very effective deterrent and is easily carried on your person. Fighting back does come with an increased risk of harm to your person, however.

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