Mace Dog Repellent

A dog repellent, such as Mace canine pepper spray, is a must have for anyone spending time outdoors. With the lack of responsibility and caring of many dog owners and previous dog owners, it has created a breed of dog that is an accident ready happen. According to the CDC and Prevention in Atlanta, dogs bite nearly 5 million people in the US yearly, with over 800,000 needing medical attention and over 1000 every day visiting emergency rooms across the nation. There is truly a dog bite epidemic with children suffering the worst harm.

Educating our children on what to do and how to act when a possible dog attack may happen can be life saving. Obviously really young children should never have the opportunity to be confronted by such a bad and dangerous situation. But your child merely playing in your front or back yard can pose such a risk. Vicious dogs see young children as easy targets, they are smaller in size, and they move quickly and make high pitched noises that can threaten a dog. You should instruct your children to be calm and not approach the unknown animal. Even if the dog is on a leash a dog attack still can be provoked.

Abandoned and unwanted dogs are the main problem when it comes to dog attacks. A dog that has been abandoned or is unwanted usually has to survive hunger and other conditions just to stay alive. For this reason dog attacks can become common place with this type of dog. Also, the more dogs your have running in a pack the more dangerous it can be. Packs are much worse than individual dogs. Two dogs are worse than one, three dogs are worse than two and so on.

There are a number of dog bite prevention products on the market. Mace Security has a Muzzle Canine Repellent, which is a pepper spray. This canine repellent is a less potent pepper spray than you would use on a human attacker. Mainly because most dogs are not as big as adult humans, thus needing less strength in the dog pepper spray. There are also citronella sprays. My opinion is if you are going to being attacked by a vicious dog, safety for yourself and a family member would be paramount. Carrying a canine pepper spray while walking, jogging or even playing at the park could save your from a potential problem.

We all love are pets, unfortunately not all pets are taught to behave correctly and in a safe manner. A precaution in any endeavor you may take is always a good idea. And carrying a canine pepper spray just may prevent a big problem.

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