What do police officers say about our pepper sprays?

Zero Failures in Five Years of Use

“Have had zero failures in five years of use. 100{e68d01182b5eede996972ddf0d228474b80e543dea40a39192f11890b838627c} effective, 100{e68d01182b5eede996972ddf0d228474b80e543dea40a39192f11890b838627c} immediate stop and drop. Officer injuries have declined considerable since Fox put into use. Officers report Fox effective against subjects already sprayed w/other brands and still resisting.”

Lt. JW, Ohio

Immediate Stopping Power

“We had a paranoid schizophrenic large male off his medication go crazy in a hair salon full of people. He was barricaded in a bathroom and screaming about the devil. One spray in the face and it was immediately effective. We waited for about 2-3 seconds and I gave him commands to prone out and put his hands behind his back. He must have thought the devil spit in his eyes. He did everything we asked. It was great! We made some more believers in your product today. Thanks!”

Lt. DN, Wisconsin

Hit in the Back of the Head and Taken Down Immediately

“While chasing him on foot I was unable to grab him. At that time I deployed my pepper gas and discharged it in the area of the rear of his head from about ten feet away. The pepper gas struck the subject in the rear of the head and shoulder area. The subject then immediately fell to the ground and was handcuffed and placed under arrest.”

Officer TH, Georgia

Better Than Other Products

“We just switched from MSI (Mace) brand OC to the Fox Labs foam. It was very impressive! Some of the officers that were sprayed were sprayed with the MSI foam a year ago, and were willing to get sprayed again. After being sprayed this year with Fox Labs foam, they stated that they would never get sprayed again!”

Ptlmn. BSD, Pennsylvania

“After conducting a series of tests (actually spraying the defensive tactics instructors with both products) and discussing these tests with them, it was felt that the Fox acted much faster on the skin than the BodyGuard and the burning on the skin was much worse. The pain on the skin was bad enough to incapacitate most subjects. As soon as the Fox got to the eyes they were instantly incapacitated. The burning on the skin of the BodyGuard LE was secondary. The BodyGuard LE was very good, but the Fox was much better.”

Lt. MM, Indiana

Intense Pain & Heat Felt Immediately

“In contrast to the other OC products I have been exposed to in the past where I was comfortable for a few seconds while being led to water, your product created intense pain and heat immediately. I was surprised at the intensity and manner in which my air passages and ability to open my eyes were impacted.”

Asst. Director JER, Georgia