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Mace Personal Alarm ClipMace Personal Alarm Clip

Mace Personal Alarm Clip

$22.95 $14.95

With its hands-free design, this personal alarm clip is designed for active wear and daily use. Joggers and walkers will love its unobtrusive design, while patient care workers, correctional officers, or anyone else needing on-the-job security can make it part of their daily uniform.

Mace Personal Alarm KeychainMace Personal Alarm Keychain

Mace Personal Alarm Keychain

$22.95 $16.95

Choosing the right self-defense device can be difficult given the many different selections that can be made. One of the simplest and most effective is the personal alarm that sounds off a very loud warning which will get the attention of anyone within earshot. The Mace Personal Alarm Keychain offers this type of protection for a low, affordable price.

Mace-Sportstrobe-AlarmMace Sportstrobe Personal Alarm

Mace Sportstrobe Personal Alarm

$21.95 $12.95

The Mace Sportstrobe Personal Alarm System is actually 3 units in 1! It is a personal alarm device, a flashlight and an emergency flasher. This personal alarm is idea for single women, college students or elderly women.