Spyclops 4-Channel 1TB NVR with Four 2.0-Megapixel PoE Bullet Cameras

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SpyClops Spy NVR4POEKIT 1 Review

The issue with many low-priced video camera security systems is that they are difficult to set up or lack good integration. For residents or small business owners, finding an affordable system that offers professional results can be challenging. This new entry by SpyClops, the Spy NVR-4POEKIT 1 was designed to be simple, straightforward, and easy to install. But does it manage to be all that and more with its reasonable price?




For a relatively compact system, there are several features that make this new model an interesting choice for small businesses or large residences that need extra security.

  • Four Cameras
  • Full HD, 1080p Resolution, Night Vision
  • 4-Channel Poe Lan Ports
  • 1TB Hard Drive, Preinstalled
  • 30FPS Recording
  • 16” x 8” x 12”

Cameras work indoors or outdoors, and it is connected by Ethernet. You can access using your mobile device.


This version benefits from the advances made to digital technology, particularly in terms of cameras and recording equipment.

Compact: Both the cameras and recording device are small, compact, and quite effective. The 1TB memory means that you get ample recording time that can be stored in a closet or placed on a rack with ease. The cameras are also small, but with HD 1080p quality and night vision that makes them invaluable even in dark conditions.

Easy to Install: The compact nature of the system makes it simple to set-up and install. For many small business owners and residents, having a compact video security system makes it easier to place and store when space is at a premium. The cameras are also quite small, making them easy to put into the right places to ensure entrances and rooms are properly covered.

Reasonable Price: At less than $500, you get quite a bit considering the typical price for units with this capability. It also makes hiring professional installation easier as you have more money in your budget to ensure that camera placement is done correctly. Plus, you can spend the money saved on additional needs which makes this an attractive system for home or business security.

While it may sound perfect, keep in mind that this video security system is only as good as where the cameras are placed. It is sound, reliable, and easy to use, but unless placed correctly and properly maintained, then it will not provide you with the coverage needed.


All things considered, the SpyClops Spy NVR-4PEOKIT 1 is a remarkable video security system that is reasonably priced, lightweight, easy to install, and quite effective. The 1080p HD cameras and ample recording system means that even in darkened conditions, important details will stand out. While proper lighting ensures that the images will be clean, you can rest assured that at night the system will still work effectively.

When you take all that into consideration and add in the low price, the Spy NVR-4POEKIT 1 is ideal for small businesses and residents who want to protect their property. There may be better video security systems on the market, but few have the options, ease of setup, and overall performance as this model considering the low, affordable price.


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