Mace Alert Wi-Fi Home Security System

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Mace Alert WiFi Home Security System

Today, home security systems are more affordable than ever thanks to the combination of WiFi, cellular, and digital technology. This means that with the right system, you can connect to a 911 dispatcher with a touch of the button to get the help you need.

One product that has created some waves thanks to its simplicity, easy installation, and effectiveness is the Mace Alert WiFi Home Security System.




The Mace Alert system comes in a kit which can be installed by you or a professional if you so desire. The kit includes the following items;

  • Keypad Control, LCD Display Alarm Panel, and 120dB Alarm Siren
  • Built-in WiFi, Rechargeable and Removable Li-On Battery for Backup Power
  • 2 Door and 2 Window Sensors
  • Remote Control w/Panic Alarm Button and Multiple Modes
  • Pet Immune Motion Sensor
  • User Manual, Wall Mount Plate, Kickstand, Double Sided Mounting Tape, Mounting Hardware and Batteries

Because the entire system is connected via WiFi, there are no wires to run. You simply follow the instructions and set up the LCD alarm panel w/keypad control, place the sensors on the entrances and most vulnerable windows, and you are essentially done. You plug in the panel to your power system, but there is the Li-On rechargeable battery which keeps the unit running even if the power goes off.

The remote allows you to set different modes or activate the alarm if needed. One of the best features is the pet immunity alarm that informs the system that the actions of your pet will not set it off. This feature prevents the many false alarms that otherwise would occur. The user manual informs you of the different modes that you can set the alarm for maximum efficiency.

Why Choose Mace Alert?

There are good reasons why you should consider Mace Alert to be your home security system, starting with the price. At $199.99, it is one of the most affordable home security systems of its type on the market today. This means that most families can afford to put this into their home for better peace of mind.

Easy Installation: The fast installation means this home security system is ready faster with less disruption to your day. You cover the main entrances to your home quickly and easily, which makes this system perfect for most homes.

Uses Replaceable Batteries: Instead of internal batteries that cannot be removed, you can use replacement batteries instead. This provides the advantage of being faster to fully charge up the system with a new battery. Plus, it will work when there is no power in the home to recharge the batteries themselves.

In the end, the Mace Alert WiFi Home Security System provides peace of mind to families that otherwise could not afford simple, effective security for their home. Easy to install, using replacement batteries, and even having a pet features that keeps them from activating the system, the Mace Alert is one you should consider for your home protection.


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