JPX Pepper Gun with Black Frame 

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The Piexon JPX Jet Protector Pepper Gun is a reloadable high-tech OC delivery system. Each cartridge (two per magazine) fires exceptionally potent liquid OC at 395 mph with effective distance of 23 feet.


Piexon JPX Pepper Gun with Black Frame 

Warning: The MINIMUM safe discharge distance is 5 feet from the tip of the JPX Pepper Gun magazine to the target.

This package includes the JPX Jet Protect Frame, One High Powered Cartridge with 2 separate shots and Carrying case.

Measures: 7.28″ L x 1.38″W x 3.46″ H
Purchaser is certifying they are of legal age to purchase and possess the device. Weight (charged): 12.5 ounces (350 grams)

Operation: Double-action only trigger with automatic switchover.

Content: 2 charges per magazine, filled with liquid OC irritant. T Volume per charge: 0.39 fluid ounces (11 ml) Irritant agent: 10% OC (oleoresin capsicum) Charge velocity: 405 MPH / 396 FPS Effective Range: (law enforcement model)

Up to 23 feet (7 meters) Operating temperature range: -5F (-20C) to +176F (+80C) Drop safety: Drop tested up to 5 feet (1.5 meters)

Water resistant: Yes

Holster (available but must be purchased separately) Black Kydex belt holster Warranty: One year operating mechanism, two year expiration from date of manufacture.

Package contents: JPX, manual. Open sights: Yes

Options: Integral laser sight (only on laser model, not on standard model)

Additional features: Mil-spec Picatinny rail for light mounting

The products deliver multiple shots of a powerful liquid solution containing 10% oleoresin capsicum (OC) with 2.4% capsaicinoid content. An extract of the cayenne pepper plant, OC is the most effective inflammatory agent available today and is successfully used by law enforcement and military. OC is superior to CS and CN tear gas when used against psychotics, animals, and assailants under the influence of drugs or alcohol.



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