UBackoff Review

Effective self-defense requires a combination of awareness and preparation which helps you avoid potentially dangerous situations. However, even those who do take the right steps may find themselves having to fend off an attack. Choosing the right device means having an effective, easy-to-use and readily available defensive weapon. UbackOff provides a wide range of self-protection devices, which provide the protection you need in case you are facing a potential attacker?


UbackOff offers several products based around pepper sprays and alarms. The pepper devices come in sprays which include aerosol sprays, mini-keychain sprays, and pepper guns. Each device is made from high-quality materials and will only need minimal maintenance over time. This means occasionally replacing a battery or the pepper gun charges to ensure that the devices work properly.

The pepper gun products are shaped like handguns to help provide better accuracy when needed. They are safe to store, and its simple mechanisms mean that you can use them when needed quickly to fend off an attack. From those shaped like a handgun to smaller, keychain models which offer the advantage of surprise, they are designed to work effectively at close range to ward off an attacker.

The alarms are primarily designed to startle an attacker while alerting others that you are in danger. The alarms are small, easy to use, and can be deployed quickly to surprise a potential attacker and buy you enough time to get away. UbackOff also offers three home alarm systems designed to be simple, effective, and affordable.


There are strong benefits to choosing a self defense weapon from UbackOff products, starting with their overall variety. From pepper guns and sprays to alarms that work against humans and animals, you can find the type of protection you need quickly and easily at the most affordable price available.

Quality: From the state of the art JPX4 pepper gun to the exceptional durability of the Mace Sportstrobe Personal Alarm, all the products offered by UbackOff are well-made, tough, and built to last. You never know when you might need to use your self-protection device, so UbackOff has emphasized high-quality to ensure that they will be reliable whenever you need to use them.

Price: Despite the high-quality of the products offered by UbackOff, the prices are surprisingly low and affordable. This is due in part to UbackOff being an online store that has a low overhead, but also because the products themselves are made to be used by the everyday person. This combination allows for the prices to be quite competitive compared to similar products offered by other companies.


It must be said that UbackOff has made a name for itself based on the quality, variety, and proven abilities of its products. There is little question that UbackOff provides some of the best non-lethal self-defense devices on the market today. From simple pepper sprays to pepper guns, repellants, alarms, and more, you can choose the right device for your needs. UbackOff backs their products with a 30-day risk free guarantee so you can trust that their devices will work when needed.  I highly recommend them.

Officer William T. Adams



30-Day Risk Free Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your purchase in any way, U Back Off will be happy to replace or refund your money, less shipping and handling charges. Please contact us for a Return Authorization Number (RAN) for any returns.


U Back Off’s mission is to provide the best self defense pepper spray for you, your family, friends and loved ones at a competitive price. Our products range from pocket pepper sprays and keychain pepper sprays to dog repellents and are the hottest police strength pepper sprays on the market!